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6 copias impresas edicion LITE de RELP (firmados) + 6 marcapaginas
Cualquier lector-lectora de habla HISPANA de ESPAÑA y el CONTINENTE AMERICANO.
Inscribiendote y cumpliendo por lo menos uno de los requisitos. Como siempre, ya sabes que mientras más puntos juntes, mas oportunidades tienes de ganar. ANIMATE! Mas informacion EN ESTA ENTRADA
Sueño hecho realidad ;____; OMG OMG OMG lo conseguimos, Rasguños en la Puerta ya se encuentra en Amazon, disponible para que el mundo la juzgue! Se trata de la edicion final con todos los posibles errores corregidos (version expandida y mejorada, ademas) y los reviews de la gente en Goodreads no hacen mas que mantener el puntaje por encima de 4 puntos, lo que es BUENISIMO en todo sentido *___* ¡No les puedo explicar la emossssion que siento! El lanzamiento fue ayer, y en el transcurso del dia ya se vendieron 10 copias! WAAAAHOOOO!! No me lo puedo creer :3

Asi que, interesados... ya saben, lo pueden adquirir en los siguientes enlaces:


Por ahora, solo tenemos disponible la version e-book, para la version impresa primero necesitamos recaudar algun dinero, asi que la ganancia neta de las primeras ventas estara destinada a la compra de la prueba de impresion (ya saben, Argentina, no podemos comprar dolares ni euros, no podemos hacer compras afuera del pais, estamos viviendo en un tacho, asi que hay que recurrir a factores externos por una cosa que, en cualquier otro pais del mundo, es muy facil de lograr) y los gastos del envio. Despues de que alcancemos la recaudacion minima (25 dolares netos) el precio del e-book bajara un poco :3

Asi que ya saben, si alguien tiene ganas de colaborar con el proyecto... esta a un click de distancia n.n ¿Podemos pedir un poquito de promo por Facebook, si no es mucha molestia? Nos encantaria poder bajarle el precio pronto para que mas gente se anime, ¡Muchas gracias por todo el apoyo y la buena onda, ladies and gentleman! Ha sido un placer contar con ustedes siempre :) ¡LO CONSEGUIMOS! *llora*
Hola, gente! Por fin una entrada en español!

Bueno, como ya les había comentado anteriormente, estamos muy cerca de hacer el lanzamiento de la novela, y este es el momento de empezar a molestar con publicidad que pique el interés del público :P La cosa es que estamos en preliminares y necesitamos gente para que lo lea y dé su opinión antes de la publicación oficial, así que...

Si tienen un blog literario (o un blog donde ocasionalmente suban reseñas de libros, películas, series, cosas así) y tienen ganas de participar, estoy organizando un sorteo de marcalibros personalizados. Voy a sortear 10 lotes de 6 marcalibros entre todas las personas que se apunten para reseñar la novela (la reseña debe tener un mínimo de 500 palabras y no es necesario que sea hermosa y perfecta, nos interesa que se den apreciaciones sinceras, ya sean positivas o negativas); pueden encontrar más detalles sobre la publicación y las bases del sorteo en este enlace:…

Así que ya saben, si tienen un blog literario (o una cuenta en y quieren apuntarse a leer para ganarse un lote de marcalibros con diseños a convenir, o si tienen amigos que gusten de la lectura, tengan blogs y sean fácilmente influenciables xD ¡Les invito a unirse! :D

Ojalá les interese la propuesta y les pique el bichito de la curiosidad, hasta el momento ya tenemos ocho personas inscriptas y hay tiempo hasta el 30 de Mayo para participar.

PD: Por supuesto que la gente que sale en los créditos del libro, si bien se anotaron para participar, lamentablemente no puedo contarles dentro del sorteo porque no es ético, pero ha sido hermoso ver que varios de mis colaboradores quisieron seguir con el proyecto, es tan lindo y tan gratificante contar con ese apoyo, hoy y siempre... ¡Gracias, Leydhen y Esciam! :D

*hugs much* ¡Que sigan bien! ^^

Incoming Book Release! :)

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 6, 2013, 3:54 PM

Well, since it has become impossible for us young novel writers to submit our works for publishing through proper editorials, me and my team decided to try self-publishing via AMAZON.COM and related platforms. It is not as easy as they say (I mean the guys from KDP Amazon and CreateSpace, trust me, is not easy), and there's a lot of novels out there that can replace your work very soon, but it's worth the shot, trust me. It's way better to try on your own and fail ONCE, TWICE or THREE TIMES, than try it with official publishers a hundred times and fail forever. This industry is growing very fast and now everybody is looking for the next hit (cofcof, the new 50 Shades, probably, cof cof), so editorials are dropping a lot of interesting projects in order to make easy profit.  Well, I can't blame them, it's a bussiness and they have to make money, I get it. Still, I'm not saying that self-publishing is the magic solution to every writer's problems, because there's a lot of work to do, but it's an interesting choice.

It's worth the shot, really.

In my case, I'm a graphic designer, so I know a lot about the process of making a GOOD product in terms of design, presentation, inner design, readability, proper spelling and promotion. I'm also a non-professional editor so I know about content editing and style, more or less. And I consider that many people I know have better writing skills than many authors I've seen published, so we are taking the shot. Yes, we decided to go on our own :) We can ASSURE that we are releasing a GOOD PRODUCT from the technical POV (because "content" is subjetc to personal judgement and every opinions are appreciated and valid) for the audiences.

Fourty days from now, maybe, I'll be releasing the first title. And let's see how it works, we are not expecting a big hit, but at least we will be available for the public to see and we will promote this book until our fingers bleed :P hahaha.

PS: It's an upcoming novel about werewolves. But not the scary ones, neither the Twilight-like ones. Soon, we'll be releasing more information about the project.

Kisses and the best of luck, my friends! ^^ *hugs for everyone*

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So... this will be very short. Extremely short. My 2011 was a pretty good year, even if it hurt sometimes. A lot of things happened, and also a lot of things DIDN'T happened. I've seen a lot of movies, and a lot of tv series, and haven't read any books. I wrote some fanfiction (although I said I won't do that again) and found some very good friends.

2011 was a pretty fun year, and very satisfactory. In every way.

Still, there are some certain things that 2011 didn't gave me and I hope 2012 will. I want to keep writing, and trying to publish. I want to publish, for good. I don't dream of becoming a big author. I just want to fulfill an old dream of mine. Let's see if this new year I can accomplish some of that.

I hope for every single one of my friends here on DA that 2012 will bring you success and happyness, and health too.
I'll keep updating "My life with Hermes" as soon as I can, it already has some fans over there.

Kisses, my friends, and the best of luck!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well then! After my social network's crysis, now I'm back fully loaded and everything.

This time, it's because I wanna introduce you to my new regular comic series entitled "My Life with Hermes". Here's a little summary about it:

"In this crazy comic, the author proposes an insight 'Big Brother' with only 3 contenders, and special apparitions. The contenders are the author herself -an idea of herself wich is pretty much far away from reality- her inner-self, -a vile and unpleasant creature that never shows up with the same face, and is always trying to dethrone the author using mischievous comments about her and her ideas- and Hermes, Greek God of commerce, thieves and messengers. A total mindblow. Hermes has an hyperactivity complex and he's always screwin' up everything, ¡Even worse than a little child! So the author will try to live thru her everyday life inside this 'House' and survive her two roommates, trying to be a normal person... or whatever 'normal' means in this crazy scenario, whithout killing any of them XD. There will be future apparitions of other Greek Gods, other characters, and a lot of unexpected things. ¡Pretty much something to take a look at! At least... it has decent drawings... AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH VERSIONS"

So!! *sounds very excited* this is the new thing. Here's the link to chapter #000, if you like to take a look:

Hope you can join me in this adventure! See you soon, and for everyone who already follows this crazy comic, THNKS A LOT, YOUR SUPPORT IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED!!!

Kisses and the best of luck!!!


Bueno, bueno!! Después de mi crisis de redes sociales, estoy de vuelta supercargada y todo!!

Esta vez, es porque les quiero presentar mi nueva serie regular de comics titulada "My Life with Hermes". Aquí tienen un pequeño resumen de qué va el asunto, por si les interesa:

"En este comic loco, la autora propone un Gran Hermano mental con sólo tres participantes, y apariciones especiales. Los participantes son la propia autora -en una idealización de sí misma extremadamente alejada de la realidad, en algunos aspectos-, su consciencia -una criatura ruin y desagradable, que siempre está buscando desautorizar a la autora o tirarla abajo con sus comentarios- y Hermes, el dios griego del comercio, los ladrones y mensajeros. Un delirio. Hermes es hiperactivo, y siempre está haciendo desmanes; ¡Peor que una criatura! así que la autora intentará vivir su día a día dentro de la "Casa" y sobrevivir a ellos, tratando de llevar una vida normal... o lo que el retorcido sentido de normalidad implica en un delirio de este tamaño. En futuros números, habrá apariciones especiales de otros dioses, otros personajes, y todo tipo de desopilantes alusiones. ¡Para echarle un vistazo! Por lo menos, los dibujos son decentes XD TOTALMENTE HABLADO EN ESPAÑOL, DISPONIBLE TAMBIÉN EN INGLÉS (en inglés, los chistes suenan hasta más graciosos)."

Entonces!! *suena muy ansiosa* esto es lo nuevo. Y aquí tienen el link hacia el capítulo #000 en castellano, si tienen ganas de echarle un vistazo: renaissancelady-k.deviantart.c…

Espero que les guste la idea y se puedan unir a mi aventura! Los veré pronto, y para todos aquellos que ya siguen este loco comic, ¡MIL GRACIAS, COMPAÑEROS! ¡¡SU APOYO SIEMPRE ES MUY AGRADECIDO!!

Besotes y la mejor de las suertes!!
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Yeah, like the title says, ¡I'm sick of stupid social networks! Those things encourage people to be in every single new network that comes out, and if you're not there, then, ¡YOU ARE NOBODY! ¬¬ By the way, social networks not only compell you to be into them, also you can't stay away from your PC or your mobile just to be in touch with everything...

I mean, what does it have of "social", if you cant speak face to face with people?

Did you know that today there's a lot of young people who can't get a nice job because of their Facebook profiles?
Their potential bosses are investigating them in their FB accounts, Twitter, Livejournal, whatever you have out there???

Social networks, or double sided weapons???

Did you know that there's a lot of people that still can't see the difference between Twitter and MSN? (I include myself here)

Well, I speak for myself when I say that, today, I just had a crysis and deleted all my social network accounts. The only ones that still remain are here in DA, and my FictionPress and profiles. Just screw up all the rest.

That's it. I'm very pissed off today.

EDIT April 28th:

... I reopened my Twitter account. Just because I can handle it from my phone ¬¬... just because of that, I swear.
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Have you ever dreamt of having one of your original stories turned into a TV series or a movie?

Well, who hasn't, I believe, and specially if you are a roleplaying game's fan... I mean, msn roleplay, not WOW or other MMORPG's. I like to roleplay, and I recently discovered it. I was just an epic fantasy writer until some friend of mine got me into the fantastic world of RP. It's awesome, I found out that it is so unpredictable, that becomes addictive.

Now every weekend, I play a little. Turns out that with this friend, we started this story, that suddenly became so unique and awesome, that we think it really should be some TV series or something, I mean... there's a critical LACK of interesting fantastic show in these days's TV, and it's not that our idea it's just THAT awesome, it's that maybe storywriters should play a little bit more of RP. Maybe they'll find so much more to do with their time, money and productions...

Well, in the end, we're thinking to take the RP story to a well constructed novel, we both like to write and have our original projects ongoing, but this story just blew up our minds. But, in the meantime, we keep playing, constructing new characters, giving every single one of them their own unique personality, psichology, phisical aspect and relationships. Our world became so big, that now we have trouble remembering every detail! Hahaha. Anyway, I personally encourage people to play RP games with your friends, to design battles, to creat alternate persons, to describe wonderfull romances, to try the most bizarre universes and have fun.

¡¡I recommend it!!

So tell me, ¿Did you ever had a dream as weird as mine?

Kisses, and the best of luck!
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You say Rap, I say Rock

You say Lady Gaga, I say Bon Jovi

You say Hannah Montana, I say The Beatles

You say Owl city, I say Scorpions

You say Jonas Brothers, I say The Rolling Stones

You say Justin Bieber, i say Queen

You say Taylor Swift, i say Rammstein.

95% of teens these days listen to the same crappy pop songs over and over. if your one of the 5% left who still listen to real music, thunb this up, then copy and paste it to least 5 video's. DONT LET THE SPIRIT OF ROCK DIE


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OMG!! So much work to do, so little time to do it!!
Right now, I want to lie down and sleep a bit, I'm more busy than ever. Working office hours and also in my own house, this catalogue is killing me.
Anyway, I know I must thank a lot of people for their generous donations to my pool and reward them with the promised sketches, but right now I can't grab a pencil to draw a simple line. After March the 15th I'll be back among us, with new drawings and stuff, and also with more energy!! Yay XD

Right now, my premium membership given by mr. Grizzlymoon has ended, and I'm very happy I could enjoy the privileges of a premium user. Like I said, so much to do, so little time. Hahaha.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my visual work in this community and let's keep DA up, this site is way better than FB (you know, the book of the faces... or something like that XD and yes, I do have an FB account but I barely use it, just for keeping in touch with some people I can't find otherwise v.v)



Journal Entry: Sat Dec 4, 2010, 3:35 PM
Hey there, everybody!!
This is a little entry to make an honor to mr. Grizzlymoon, a nice gentleman from DA who made possible my dream of experiencing the goodies of a premium membership. This is awesome. I think the DA community is so much better than Facebook, more useful and you can get in touch with so much wonderfull artists and people from you own country and foreign countries as well. Thanks to this good sir, now I'm a more active part of this gigantic community full of amazingly talented people.

I just wanted to share with you how excited I am about this.

Anyway, the exchange keeps going. Everyone can donate some points, as much as you want, and in return I will give you a special sketch feature from my "Eyes Series" Gallery. Just pick an emotion, give some points to me, and I will make a special drawing for you reflecting the emotion you picked n.n

Well then, this is it for this week.
Kisses, and the best of luck for everyone here in DA!!!!!

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Hey there!! I'm trying to collect some points for a minimum premium membership, I'm quite curious about what amazing features it might have... so here's the deal: anyone can donate as many points as you want (from 1 to whatever you like n.n) and I'm givin away llama love!!! ¬¬ Wait... that's not fair, llamas are for free... well then, I'm starting the auction today: every doner will get as a prize an original sketch from the "Eyes Series", this means I will draw new and original eye sketches for the goodwillin' doners n.n

All you have to do is give some points, and send me a note with the emotion you will like to get in the drawing, such as "anger", "love", "pain", "happyness", etc.

I want to make perfectly clear that this is not a commision sistem, its merely a series of prizes for the people that donates on my pool. Therefore, I WON'T send any original full resolution sketches to anyone, I will just post the sketches in my DA and then sent everyone a note so they can come to see their prize n.n

I enjoy drawing very much, so let's have some fun, guys!!
Kisses to you all, and good luck too!!
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Hey there! I'm back just for bring you some new drawings and sketches. Yes, I'm still practicing with the pensketch but as you can see, I'm improving really fast. The most hidious thing is that I absolutely love Corel's Painter but I don't know exactly how to use its tools, so I'm playing around a lot. It works for me, at least, because this is the only way I have to really get to know the tools, even after I read a lot of amazing tutorials from other great artists.

Well, introducing the new Sketches.
Coloured versions soon, as always (inner self: you should be ashamed, Lady-K, you always say the same thing and never uploaded a single coloured version of your "sketches"... you suck, Lady-K ¬¬) Shut up, inner self, this is not of your business... I'm the one that has to actually work for living, so... ñ.ñ ¡Sooo sorry! Like I just said... enjoy and see ya around!!

Thnk you all for the favs, people, you make me really happy n.n

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Woo!! I'm so thrilled!! After months of working and savings, I actually have my pensketch. I can barely believe it. I like drawing a lot, but I don't have much time so I decided long ago to invest in a digital pensketch for making mi passion easier (skipping the paper drawing process, the inking process and the scanning and digital adjust process), and voilà!!! Now my dream has finally come true.

Ten minutes after proper installation, the damn thing didn't work XD and so I decided to uninstall and reinstall all over again (this time, AGAINST the user manual's steps) and finally I made it work. And then It was a complete madness!! I had no idea how to handle it!! It was so complicated for me XD I'm used to draw with REAL pencils and stuff, and now I have a whole new universe in my hands. Then, Painter XI is SO AWESOME!! It has so many utilities that I could never control with a mouse before... this is great. I can't wait to go home and have some practice.

See in the gallery mi first attempt of a drawing with the pensketch and laugh.

Soon I'll be uploading some more practice sketchs... and you'll evaluate them n.n

See ya everybody, and thanks a lot for the favs and the comments!! You ROCK!!



Woo!! Estoy tan emocionada. Después de meses de trabajar duro y ahorrar, por fin tengo mi pensketch. Apenas sí me lo creo. Me gusta mucho dibujar, pero no tengo mucho tiempo así que hace mucho decidí invertir en una tableta digital para hacer mi pasión más sencilla (evito el proceso de dibujar, entintar, escanear y ajustar digitalmente la imagen) y voià!! Ahora mis sueños se han hecho realidad.

Diez minutos después de la apropiada instalación, la cosa no andaba jajaja. Así que decidí desinstalarla y volver a instalarla de cero (esta vez, YENDO EN CONTRA de lo que decía el manual del usuario) y por fin la hice andar. Después, fue un completo loquero!! No tengo ni idea de cómo manejarlo!! Es complicado para mí, que estoy acostumbrada a usar lápices de VERDAD y eso; y ahora tengo todo un nuevo universo en las manos. Además, Painter XI es TAN GENIAL!! Tiene tantas utilidades que nunca antes pude controlar con el mouse... es asombroso. No puedo esperar para volver a casa y practicar.

Vean en la galería mi primer intento de dibujo con la pensketch, y ríanse.
Próximamente, voy a estar subiendo más de estos sketches de práctica... y los evaluarán!

Nos vemos pronto, gente!!! Y mil gracias por todos los comments y los favs, SON GENIALES!

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Mini-Technical Data:
Year: 2008
Studios: Gonzo/Nitroplus (or Nitro+)
Genre: Sci-fi, Drama, Action, Angst... some Mature content 9.9
Episodes: 24
I've seen: 22
Animation Design: Awesome (They got a A+ in this n.n)
Extras: There is some 3D animation, not as fluid as it should be.
RATING: 8.5 (and I'm not kidding)

Review of the Watcher:
There is an ancient myth that says "when Gonzo Studios works in a series asociated with another studio, the final result doesn't turns out to be crappy". And as far as I can see, the myth is true! O.o Blassreiter got me from the very beginning with its high quality animation and even when in the end the story is not SOOOO good, it's very interesting and I think is nice. The last work from this studio that I've seen from this studio (that I can remember) was the adaptation from the excelent Chrno Crusade manga, and honestly that project was crappy (ok, they didn't respected the manga's story and they went down into a subject that in Blassreiter is present everywhere: the strange fixation with the evil guy who has super-powers and a God complex, and thinks that because of his powers he has the right to destroy the entire world) and I had lost my faith on this studio.

But I think they got me back with Blassreiter, they scored some points and I believe in them again.
The series isn't so popular, it's from last year and it's not very expanded worldwide yet.

The story has a very vague beginning, that only works as a trigger for the events to come later (some people may think that the thing was going fine until it starts to twist into something weird and not so cool, but I believe it's the opposit: the beginning is meaningless in comparison with the later events), and around chapter nine, almost every character dies... or not, MUEHEHEHE!!

In a futuristic Germany, people deals with the threat of a misterious nano-machine infection that can bring the dead back to life as horrible monsters called "Demoniacs" or "Amalgams", that can mix their bodies with almost anything they can find around them (cars, motorbikes, weapons and almost any metalic thing). There is a Police special squad called XAT that fights with this monsters, and they have all the cool transporting and weaponry technology that onli 3D animation can give us n.n

Amanda Werner is the leading character, a girl member of the XAT elite squad, who has a brother that becomes one of those dangerous Amalgams and she doesn't hesitates about protecting her brother and tries to find out who's really behind the misterious infection. She goes very far with her determination, and finds some people nvolved with the Church and some strange agents called "Apocalypse Knights", a hidden faction from the Templair Knights that has survived until now. Then, the Amalgams evolve reaching the point of infecting and transforming even living people, and things get heated in all the country. After that, enter the scene the REAL responsables of this massacre...

Again, I can't stop thinking that the Gonzo people has something with or against God XD. Xargin (the absolutely evil character) it's quite similar to the personification of Aion (Chrno Crusade) and if he only had said "I'm the Alpha and the Omega" I'll thought they were the same character with different face. Poor Hermann too (another boy from XAT, Amanda's partner), he dies all the time and never finally says "something very secret" to his beloved Amanda; and Joseph (the one that everyone expects to become the Blassreiter, the ultimate Amalgam) it's not that important all along, not until the final chapters, and things get a little bizarre then. Anyway, the story follows Amanda directly or indirectly all the time.

In few words, it worths a lot to see this series, it's fully loaded with action and has an impressive visual development. The music is also awesome, it's very interesting for fans of hard rock, techno and pop-metal.

Once I had seen the last 2 episodes, I'll edit the post and put the last word.

Forever yours;

PD: If I want to, I'll draw some fanarts of Amanda n.n To celebrate the 5K visits to the page!


Mini-Ficha Técnica:
Año: 2008
Estudio: Gonzo/Nitroplus (ó Nitro+)
Género: Sci-fi, Drama, Acción, Angst, algunas zarpadeces ocasionales...
Episodios: 24
Vistos: 22
Diseño de la Animación: Súpper-Soberbia (en esto sacaron 10)
Extras: Contiene animación 3D, poco fluida para mi gusto.
PUNTAJE: 8.5 (y no es moco de pavo)

Reseña de la que lo vio:
Hay un antiguo mito que dice que cuando Gonzo trabaja en una serie en asociación con otro estudio, el resultado no termina siendo una porquería. Y hasta ahora, por lo que he visto, ¡El mito es cierto! O.o Blassreiter me compró de entrada con la altísima calidad de su animación, y si bien luego la historia no resultó ser TAAAN buena, también tiene lo suyo y me pareció buena. El último trabajo que vi de este estudio (que yo recuerde) fue la adaptación del excelente manga Chrno Crusade, y honestamente terminó siendo una porquería (ojo, no respetaron el argumento del manga y se fueron mucho para un lado que en Blassreiter retoman a cada rato, esa extraña ensoñación de que el malo con super-poderes siempre tiene complejo de Dios y se piensa que por ello tiene derecho a destruir el mundo) y ya le había perdido fe a la cosa.

Pero... creo que con Blassreiter hicieron varios puntos y me reconquistaron. La serie no es muy popular, apenas data del año pasado y todavía no está muy difundida.

La historia comienza de una manera bastante irrelevante, que sólo funciona como desencadenante para lo que vendrá luego (algunos pueden pensar que la cosa venía bien hasta que se descula para cualquier lado, pero yo no lo creo así, me pareció que el preludio era muy ordinario para aquello en lo que luego devino la cosa, como "apenas la tapa de la olla"), aproximadamente para el capítulo 9, que es donde la mayoría de los personajes han muerto... o no, muehehehe.

En una Alemania futurista, la gente se enfrenta a la amenaza de una infección de extrañas nano-máquinas que pueden revivir a los muertos transformándolos en unos monstruos espantosos llamados "Demoniacs" o "Amalgams", que tienen la capacidad de fusionar sus cuerpos con casi cualquier elemento que tengan al alcance (coches, motocicletas, armas y casi cualquier cosa metálica). Un escuadrón especial de la Policía llamado XAT es el encargado de lidiar con dichos monstruos, con toda la tecnología de motocicletas y armas que sólo el 3D nos puede dar.

Amanda Werner es la protagonista absoluta, una muchacha miembro de este escuadrón elite, quien cuando su hermano se convierte en uno de los peligrosos Amalgams no duda en protegerlo y descubrir quién está realmente detrás de la misteriosa infección; llegando a meterse en terrenos muy turbulentos que involucran a la Iglesia y unos extraños funcionarios llamados Caballeros del Apocalipsis, una facción de los Caballeros Templarios que ha sobrevivido a lo largo de los siglos. Los Amalgams evolucionan, llegando al punto de poder infectar y transformar incluso a personas vivas, y la cosa arde en todo el país. Después de eso, entran en escena los auténticos responsables de la masacre...

De nuevo, no puedo evitar pensar que los de Gonzo se traen algo con o contra Dios XD. Xargin (el malo absoluto) es extrañamente parecido a su personificación de Aion (Chrno Crusade) y le faltó decir "yo soy Alfa y Omega" para terminar de ser el mismo personaje con distinta cara. Con el pobre Hermann (otro chico del XAT, compañero de Amanda) que se muere siempre sin poder decirle "algo" muy secreto a su querida Amanda, y Joseph (el que todos esperan que sea el Blassreiter, un Amalgam absoluto y consciente) que no pincha ni corta de manera relevante sino hasta promediando el final de la serie, las cosas pueden ser un poco confusas; pero la historia siempre sigue, directa o indirectamente, a Amanda.

En síntesis, vale mucho la pena verla porque es una serie cargada de acción y con un despliegue visual impresionante, sin dejar a un lado la musicalización (que es un golazo para los amantes del hard rock, el techno y el pop-metal).

Cuando vea los 2 últimos episodios... editaré el post y añadiré el último comentario.

Para serviros, siempre;

PD: Si me da la gana, haré un fanart de Amanda... Para celebrar los 5K de visitas a esta página!
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No podés... realmente, ¡No podés!

No lo podía creer.
Es decir, estaba medio ofendida ya porque creía que mi kioskero prejuicioso había dejado de traerme la bendita Lazer porque se creía que era la revista oficial de los satánicos que miramos dibujitos pasados los veinte; y después de casi un mes de esperar en vano ver la tan ansiada tapa en el exhibidor de las revistas, se me dio por entrar al blog de Lazer y ver si por lo menos ya había sido publicado el número nuevo o algo, y me lo encuentro vacío o.O

Entonces desespero, y entro a la web oficial de Lazer para encontrarme con un cartel que nos avisa muy sentidamente que la gente de Sueisha y Shogakukan (líderes en su lado del mundo en la publicación de mangas, y que tienen bajo su licencia muchos de mis mangas favoritos) vieron un ejemplar de la revista en cierta expo, y resulta ser que no les gustó para nada que se use su contenido "intelectual" (en tal caso, es del autor original y no de los que hacen guita con ello ¬¬, sería más justo que Akira Toriyama se enoje porque ridiculizaron en joda una foto de Goku y Vegeta peleando medio en bolas que esto) en la connotación humorística que la redacción utilizaba, y que era sello característico de la publicación! O sea... Por algo Lazer era la más vendida y la única revista de Anime y Manga decente de nuestro país!

No lo comprendo, realmente. No digo que no comprenda la decisión de la editorial, sino que no comprendo a los japos. Era un poco como publicidad gratis con más que beneficios para ellos.

Hay quien dice que desde que falleció Pablo Ruiz (gran amigo de Leandro Oberto, el director de la publicación) la revista empezó a ir cuesta abajo, pero como yo la conozco desde precisamente el número de regreso después dicha muerte, me parecía genial y aún me lo sigue pareciendo. Lamentablemente, ya no vamos a poder gozar más de las risotadas que nos sacaban los comentarios al pie de las fotos o la bufonesca ironía de los redactores en sus copadísimas notas, cosa que me enganchó desde el vamos y que ahora... bueno, ¡Ya no voy a poder tener!

Sepan entonces, señores representantes de Sueisha y Shogakukan, que le han quitado a miles de jóvenes argentinos un contacto sano y fresco con su obra de este lado del mundo. Y hablo por argentinos porque soy argenta, como la publicación lo era.


Y me voy, no hago este comentario por plata ni por lamebotas, lo hago porque la revista realmente me gustaba mucho y me encuentro furiosa con los que instigaron a que esto sucediera. Leandro, chicos... mi corazón estará siempre con ustedes.

Espero Replys, quienquiera que lo comparta.
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Yeah, this really means a lot to you, people, I kwnow (sarcasm) and right now some of you were crying and wondering where was I... then I guess your answers are here. I'M BACK!! FEAR, FEAR, FEEEEEEARRRR!!

XD Ok, no more crazyness.

I'm back at work since a long-long time ago, but for many reasons (ok, I forgot to ¬¬) I wasn't ablee to make an update at this poor journal of mine. So then I said myself "Let's put something new on the gallery, then I'll have an excuse to update!" Yay... and here we are now. Updating and uploading some new works. The hardest part of the FAKE movie posters work was to find some good footages of the actors in good resolution and to combine them... ok, this had to look nice and I think this will do for now XD 14 hours work says a lot.

Yes, yes, still working on the novel project, some new ideas appeared on the horizon so now I have more enthusiasm than ever and I believe in this project very hard, even harder than I did before. Let's wait for some good luck now, but I officially have some "faces" to identify the leading characters of the novels n.n

Ok, this is all for now.

Enjoy the gallery! And please... I do not visit this Deviant so much so that's why I almost don't reply the messages or give the proper thanks to all those people who favores my pics... but you're all awesome and I love you!!

We're near my birthday, but I'll try to make some more updates before that date n.n THANKS A LOT, SEE YA SOON!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, AND I LOVE YOU TOO, DA!!


PS: ¡Wait for more photomanipulations or drawings soon!
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Mhh... let's see...


Work just doesn't lets me get over with my other works, this really sucked a lot until came the deadline date and I said... "ok, now I can enjoy my days off and finish everything! yay!!! n.n" But seems like I can't do that because me and my editor are havin' some discrepancies about some pieces of my work (and I will never have words to thank her enough for the TREMENDOUS effort she makes helping me out with the coherence of the story!!!! YOU'RE AWESOME, CRIS!!)and now my work has expanded to a whole new level.

It was planned to be a two-part story, but now it will become a trilogy. Like LOTR, but definetively smaller and poor in comparison XD I'll never compare myself with any other great author out there! Yes, after a lot of thinkin', I've decided to take it from a bilogy to a trilogy and let's see how it works v.v Meanwhile I try to finish the book (the worst part was to investigate the huge cultural frame of the story, and search for pictures of the late 19TH centuryin Japan X.x ¡¡Such a pain in the ass, but necessary!! Never try to write an historic novel non-based in fully real facts... and your inventions, of course), I keep working with Photoshop and making some new images for the series, only promotional. You know, soon enough everything will be properly legaliced so DO NOT STEAL THE ARTWORK, PLEASE!! It's very important to underline it.

I can't say more about this. My editor and my people will kill me if I do, I can only let go some details about the argument and some artwork, they don't let me do anything else ñ.ñ So, this is it, this is the post. I'm on vacation and I'll try to catch up with the end of this book that already costed me my entire sanity X.x


Sincerely Yours:

PD: If somebody wants to donwload anything... please be responsable.
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Everything changes, and it's true.
Months ago, my life was easy and I had plenty of time for writing and drawing, and now I'm very lucky if I have time just for writing. I'm lookin very forward for making my dream come true, to be a writer and entertain young people with my stories. I don't have a University degree in Literature or a Master in Language or anything, I'm barely a regular student from a city in the heart of Argentina but since I was 12 I knew that I wanted to write. I grew up reading fantastic literature and I like very much TV and movies, I think they're a great source of inspiration.

But I said "everything changes" and it's a fact of life. When I was younger, I thought that I could write half of the day and work the other half, and for over a year it seemed to work. But very recently I realized that I needed more money and I had to sacrifice my very special hours in my own good sake, I'm 21 years old and I have to do something with my life. Hey, I didn't realized this just yet, I've been thinking about it from a long-long time... just now I know that, the same way I evolved as a writer, and I was hurt by mean words of people around me who doesn't like my kind of literature, I have to evolve as a person either and try to LIVE meanwhile I try to WRITE.

So, I update this very little entry on this journal with the simple expectation that in the months to come some of my little dreams of contry girl may come true and finally achieve the possibility of a publication. I'm very anxious for finish my latest novel and try it among the people, for receive some critics and make the proper corrections before send it to a very important contest on my native country.

Wish me luck! Maybe, you might be reading the thoughts of a new writer and then you can say "I know that girl from DA!" or maybe not XD ¡Just making a comment, I'm better after hard weeks of work and strong desitions!

Sincerely yours:
RenaissanceLady-K, Professional Mindfreak.


Todo cambia, y es verdad.
Hace meses, mi vida era fácil y tenía tiempo de sobra para escribir y dibujar, pero ahora apenas tengo suerte si consigo tiempo para escribir. Busco ansiosamente hacer mi sueño realidad, el de convertirme en una buena escritora y entretener a la gente joven con mis historias. No tengo un título Unversitario en Literatura o un Master en Lengua, solamente soy una estudiante sencilla de una ciudad en el corazón de Argentina, pero desde que tenía 12 años sé que lo que quiero es escribir. Crecí leyendo literatura fantástica y me gusta mucho la televisión y el cine, creo que son fuentes de inspiración muy buenas.

Pero dije "todo cambia" y es un hecho de la vida. Cuando era joven, creí que podía escribir la mitad del día y trabajar la otra mitad, y durante algo más de un año el método funcionó. Pero recientemente he descubierto que necesitaba más dinero y tuve que sacrificar mis horas especiales en mi propio favor. Tengo 21 años y tengo que hacer algo con mi vida. Hey, no es que acabe de darme cuenta de esto recién ahora... he estado pensando en ello desde hace mucho-mucho tiempo. Pero ahora sé bien que del mismo modo en que evolucioné como escritora, y fui lastimada por palabras malvadas de gente a mi alrededor a la que no le gusta mi forma de escribir; también tengo que evolucionar como persona y tratar de VIVIR mientras intento ESCRIBIR.

Así que actualizo una pequeña entrada en el journal con la esperanza de que en los meses que vienen algo de mi sueño de niña campesina se haga realidad y consiga la posibilidad de una publicación. Estoy muy ansiosa por acabar mi novela más reciente y probarla entre mis conocidos, recibir algunas críticas y hacerle todas las correciones apropiadas antes de enviarla a un famoso concurso de mi país natal.

Deséenme suerte! Tal vez podrías estar leyendo los pensamientos de un nuevo autor y luego podrás decir "Hey, yo conozco a esa chica de DA!" o tal vez no. ¡Sólo hacía un comentario, me siento mejor luego de durísimas semanas de intenso trabajo y muy importantes decisiones!

Con cariño:
RenaissanceLady-K, Demente Profesional.
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x.X I'm exhausted!

This has been the longest week of my life and it still doesn't ends! X.x I'm gonna die. My boss is sick and it's up to me to do EVERYTHING at work, even her stuff. I hope this week end soon because I really need to sleep a lot XD

Anyway, just a ripping comment for the new submissions in the gallery, enjoy and have a nice month.

By the way... I still haven't finished "Breaking Dawn" and I'm not planning to finish the reading so soon v.v



x.X ¡Estoy tan cansada!
Ha sido una larguísima semana, y lo peor es que todavía no se termina! Mi jefa se enfermó y a mí me toca hacerlo todo en el trabajo, incluyendo SUS cosas X.x Espero que esta semanita de porquería se termine pronto, realmente necesito dormir X.x

De cualquier manera, sólo era un comentario como para abrir la nueva tanda de sumisiones en la página. Disfrútenlas!

A propósito: todavía no termino de leer "Breaking Dawn" y no estoy pensando en terminar de leerla pronto... de todos modos sé cómo termina XD